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Reem's Holistic Marketing Workshop was relevant, easy to learn and gave me great insight into marketing that I did not know. I found Reem to be very professional, approachable and personable throughout the workshop. She really explained everything simply and clearly which made everything easy to understand. The concepts and skills that I acquired have been very useful in marketing my business. Thank you Reem I am so glad to have signed up for the Holistic Marketing Workshop ☺ Najma Khan La Trobe Bookkeeping ."
Najma Khan
La Trobe Bookkeeping

Helping you develop growth strategies for your business through Holistic Marketing Elements


Marketing is the only function in your business that generates business growth.  Only through your business numbers are we able to measure that growth.

Bridging the gap between your current financial situation and where you would like to be, we go through a series of steps and strategies to help you maximise your profits and work in the most efficient way.


internal analysis

Diving deep into your own business to find its gems, strengths, potential areas of growth, resources, and branding to help you elevate it to the next level.

In this section we tackle every internal aspect in your business in a very holistic approach.  We make sure that everything inside your business is working for you in an efficient and effective way and is actually generating you money.

external analysis

Businesses do not operate in a vacuum, that is why it’s essential to analyse the external factors that affect the performance of any business generally and your business specifically.  

In this section we cover risks, outside influences locally and globally that you need to be aware of to make better decisions for your business.

We provide techniques that help you minimise risks and ensure business continuity on rainy days. 

opportunity wheel

This is where everything is tied together.  We help you define your business growth gaps and how you could invest in these gaps to grow your business.

action plan, Measurement & control

“If it’s not measured, it can’t be controlled” 

At the final stage of the Holistic Marketing Workshop we set marketing goals for your business, set measurement criteria and tools  and then set an evaluation system for you to keep monitoring and enhancing your marketing strategy.


shine online with your marketing strategy

Based on your unique business research

Customer Personas that allow you to focus

SEO derived analysis

Branding your business in a value based way

Unique Selling Point that attracts clients

Updated with the latests trends and algorithms

grow your business with our shine online Holistic marketing worshops

Your business will love you for it

These marketing workshops are really empowering, they help you gain control over your marketing so you are focused and clear about where you want to take your business and how to achieve that objective.  

Every workshop is tailored to your business so that you get the best benefit out of it, because to be honest who likes cookie cutter solutions?! NOT US! And you shouldn’t accept them either.  Every business is unique and needs a unique marketing strategy that helps it grow and shine online.

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