Apply SEO for Your Chiropractic Practice with This Guide

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With over 5,000 chiropractic practitioners currently in Australia, generating leads and bringing in new customers every week can be daunting. This is where chiropractor SEO comes in as a viable solution in the digital age of marketing. This approach involves optimising a website to make it much easier for search engines to discover and display it when potential patients are looking for chiropractic services. 

This includes using keywords and other SEO techniques to ensure that the website appears prominently in search engine results. By ensuring the website is visible and relevant to potential patients, chiropractors can increase their number of new patients. Here are some initial methods you can try out:

Appropriate Keywords

At this stage, you should pick out keywords related to your chiropractic business that your potential clients will likely use when searching for a chiropractor in your area. You should use these keywords to create content for your website and optimise your web pages for better visibility in search engine results. This will help bring more local customers to your website actively looking for chiropractic services.

So if potential customers type in chiropractor in Adelaide, your marketing team must tailor content to have that keyword for your practice to be more visible.

Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business profile can be a powerful tool for chiropractic SEO marketing. By accessing, you can create a free listing for your chiropractic business. This will help your website appear in Google Maps and rank in the Local Map Pack displayed when people search for local chiropractic services on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Filling out this profile verifies your actual location and identity as an existing business so you can rank higher on leads’ search results. Be sure to fill out most of the forms that require information.

Bing and Yahoo! Business Profiles

Don’t ignore Bing and Yahoo!, too. While they’re not at the top spot like Google, they’re the second and third-most used search engines, respectively. So creating a profile for your chiropractic business on Bing and Yahoo is recommended, as these websites are the second and third most widely used search engines. By doing this, your business may appear higher in the search engine results for relevant queries. 

Additionally, you can use the same chiropractic SEO strategies outlined in the last step to optimise your Bing and Yahoo profiles.

Local SEO

To maximise SEO efforts as a chiropractor, target your marketing efforts to local searches. Practices can do this by optimising your website for local keywords related to chiropractic services and generating content that focuses on local topics.

Local SEO is a way to optimise a website, content, and other digital assets to ensure they appear prominently in local search results on major search engines. It is a method that helps businesses reach the people in their area who are already looking for what they offer and are most likely to become their customers.

In Closing, Shift to SEO Marketing Today

The days of cold-calling or following up with patients over a landline are over. If your practice wants to remain relevant and financially healthy, it’s time to shift to SEO. Give it a try; you might be amazed by the number of new patients that come in just a few weeks.

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