How to Build Your eCommerce Website to Look, Feel, and Perform Better


When you’re setting up an eCommerce site, it feels a bit like piecing together a complex puzzle. Each piece, from platform selection to design, needs to fit perfectly to create a successful online store. Here at The SEO Room, we understand that the process can be overwhelming, especially with the vast array of options and strategies available today. But don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through each step of building an eCommerce website that not only looks good but also performs exceptionally in the digital marketplace.

Choosing the right platform is your foundation—it’s crucial to select one that aligns with your business needs and growth plans. Once the foundation is set, the focus shifts to design, which is not just about aesthetics but also about functionality and user experience. A well-designed website invites visitors in and guides them smoothly to checkout, which is exactly what you want.

But what about after the site goes live? That’s where optimisation and SEO come into play. These elements ensure your site loads quickly, functions smoothly, and ranks well in search engines, bringing more visitors to your site. Stick with us, and we’ll dive deep into how you can effectively combine these elements to craft an eCommerce website that stands out from the competition.

Choosing the Right Platform: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is a crucial first step in creating a successful online store. Think of it as the foundation of your business—it needs to support everything you are planning to build. We start by assessing your specific needs, including the size of your product range, your budget, and any unique features you need like custom APIs or international sales capabilities. For smaller businesses, platforms like Shopify provide an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution with plenty of support and integrations. Larger businesses might look towards more robust systems like Magento, which can handle a larger product base and more complex customisation.

It’s also important to consider the long-term scalability of the platform. Can it grow as your business grows? Will it support increased traffic and more product lines in the future? These are questions we help you to answer, ensuring that the platform you choose not only meets your current needs but also your future ambitions. Additionally, it’s vital to think about the platform’s SEO capabilities and how these can align with your marketing strategies—after all, what’s an online shop if it can’t be found by your potential customers?

Design Essentials for a Stellar User Experience

When it comes to the design of your eCommerce site, it’s all about marrying aesthetics with functionality. The goal is to create a site that not only looks great but is also easy to navigate. We focus on clarity and simplicity in design, ensuring that your products are the stars of the show. Good use of white space, high-quality images, and clean, readable fonts can make a huge difference in how professional your site looks and feels.

Navigation is key to retaining customers. If potential buyers can’t find what they’re looking for with ease, they’re likely to leave without purchasing. We craft intuitive menus and clear categories that guide users through your site, minimising clicks between them and their desired products. Furthermore, we emphasise mobile responsiveness. With an increasing number of shoppers using their smartphones and tablets to shop, your site must perform flawlessly on all devices. This approach not only improves the user experience but also boosts your site in search rankings, as search engines like Google prioritise mobile-friendly sites.

Optimising Your eCommerce Site for Speed and Efficiency

Understanding the necessity of a swift-running website, we focus meticulously on enhancing your eCommerce site’s speed and efficiency. Slow loading times aren’t just annoying; they can drive potential customers away and severely impact sales. We begin by optimising all images on your site; this reduces load time considerably without compromising on the quality that showcases your products at their best. We also streamline and minimise the code, utilising techniques like minification of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to ensure faster processing and response times.

Another key step is choosing the right hosting provider. This decision can make or break your site’s performance, especially during traffic surges. We help you select a host that offers not just space but scalability and robust support to handle peak times smoothly. Additionally, implementing a content delivery network (CDN) can drastically improve load times by storing cached versions of your site in multiple geographically diverse data centres, ensuring that your customers access your site from the nearest possible location.

SEO Strategies That Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

When it comes to eCommerce, SEO is not just a tool; it’s an essential strategy that makes your online store visible to potential buyers. We begin with keyword research, identifying terms that not only define your products but are also used by your potential customers during their search queries. Implementing these keywords throughout your site—from product descriptions to meta tags—ensures that your pages are indexed correctly by search engines and improves your chances of ranking high in search results.

Structured data markup is another powerful SEO tool we employ. This advanced SEO technique helps search engines understand the content of your site, which enhances rich snippets in search results, improving click-through rates and attracting potential buyers. We also focus on building a solid link profile because high-quality backlinks are a strong ranking signal to search bent; this involves creating quality content that’s link-worthy as well as engaging in ethical outreach.


At The SEO Room, we’re committed to helping you build an eCommerce website that’s not only visually appealing but also ranks well in search results and provides an exceptional user experience. Whether it’s selecting the right platform, designing for your audience, speeding up your site, or optimising for search engines, our holistic approach covers all bases.

Ready to elevate your online store? Contact The SEO Room, the leading SEO agency in Perth, and let us tailor a strategy that aligns with your business objectives and drives your digital success. The SEO Room is your partner in navigating the complex yet rewarding landscape of eCommerce.


Reem Kubba