How Siloing Can Help Optimise Your SEO Campaign and Profit

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Before you proceed with your plans to invest in SEO, you should learn more about silo. This concept will maximise your SEO ROI. Does this sound interesting? If so, let us start.

What Is Siloing?

When you silo a website, you will organise its components in a particular order. The basic idea behind siloing is to make navigation as simple as possible by separating content on your website into distinct groups. Each of these groups should be populated with content related to one another.

In SEO, siloing refers to creating a hierarchy of a website’s content. You will find that pages on a specific topic or keyword are grouped on a well-siloed site.

In this case, the practice of siloing is not an option but a necessity. Your website cannot rank well on Google if it does not have a proper silo structure.

Reconstruct Your Website with Silo

You should reconstruct your website to make the most out of your investment. Your strategy should follow the silo concept. Doing this will help you rank better.  

Your website should be segregated into different sections or different areas. Moreover, you should have a keyword or a particular concept for each of these sections. Each of these sections should be branched into pages further divided into topics.  

This type of hierarchical information organisation will make every website page more accessible. This siloed structure will also help you create a more intuitive site. A site with a simple-to-navigate design will get more traffic, helping you reap the benefits of your investment.

Research on the Appropriate Keyword

If you want your investment worthwhile, choose the right keywords for each website section. Every keyword that you choose should have a significant volume of searches. 

You should also use your primary keyword as the anchor text for a link that leads to a particular section. It will ensure that relevant links are pointing to your website and will also help you get more visitors. 

Choose your keywords carefully to maximise the impact of the traffic you get from the anchor text links. The pages under a single keyword should be closely related. Be sure not to mix different topics.

The pages that lead to a section should also be closely related. You should also use your keyword research to create a good page title and content. 


Siloed structure of your website is not only a way to rank well on Google but to rank well in general. It will help you reach more people, which is the ultimate goal. To achieve your objective, you should select the right keywords and position them in the right place.

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Reem Kubba