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Things You Need to Know Before You Build a Website

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Whatever business you have, building and running a website is crucial for your company’s growth. However, professionals still mistake websites as an online brochure, but there are actually a bunch of factors you need to be aware of so you can create a website that is results-driven, goal-oriented, and aligned with your brand. 

For business leaders and entrepreneurs who know the complexities of website design, they work with a reliable website design agency in Perth, like the SEO Room, who can provide exceptional web services to help elevate your brand in the digital marketplace. 

So before you start building your site and collaborating with your designer, let’s unpack the process to save you from unforeseen budget burners, undesired results, and other design complications. Let’s get to it!

1. Make Sure Your Purpose Is Clear

The first thing you need to identify before diving into building your website is to set clear goals and constantly prioritise them in the design and development process. 

Sit down with your team and figure out the purpose of your website. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Customer sign-ups? Product sales? Educate consumers? Or improve your brand’s reputation? — all of these are valid goals; that’s why it’s important to narrow it down to one or two with your team to make an effective web design to achieve these objectives. 

2. Identify Current Website Blunders

You should also consider before building a new website for your brand to evaluate the current state of your site and identify parts that you don’t like or need improvement. Some undesirable traits that poorly designed websites may include the following:

  • Overly complicated and populated navigation menu;
  • Clashing elements and typography;
  • Chunks of text or content;
  • Poor image quality;

Identifying the negative traits of your site will help you design your new website since you’ll get to avoid these website blunders. This will save you and your website designer so much time and effort throughout the whole process.

3. Know Your Company’s Unique Selling Points

Sure, great customer service and rapid response rates are significant factors that help your business elevate; however, these are already known as the bare minimum. What you want to do to help your website stand out in the vast digital marketplace is to find what factors make your company remarkable. 

Do you offer expert and specialised services? Do you have a global team with extensive reach? Do you offer money-back guaranteed services? Do you have an impressive turn-around time? — all of these are essential company gems that you need to highlight to help push your site to higher ranks in search engine results. 

4. Know Your Target Market’s Profile

Finally, the most critical aspect of website design is understanding how your customers work and think. By doing so, you’ll get to design a website that will fit the way they make decisions and how they want to see the content.

Focus on the following to help build a customer-centric website:

  • Buying goals;
  • Buying pain points;
  • Purchase motivations;
  • Website habits.

The Bottom Line: Building a Website Isn’t Easy But Knowing What To Work On Will Give You A More Seamless Process

Now that you know the top four things you need to consider before building a website, the design process will feel much lighter for you and your website designer. You’ll get to focus on what truly matters for your website, providing your customers with an exceptional user experience and giving you much better conversion rates. 

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer