Why Your Website Is Not Doing Well on Google Search Results


You have done everything you can to reach your target audience. You have published as much content as you want with targeted keywords and you even tried to use PPC ads to get your website to rank well. So what gives? Why is it that your website is still not performing well on Google search results?

Unfortunately, content, keywords and hard work are not enough to rank on Google. There needs to be logic behind your action and for your website to be built well. If you are one of those people whose websites are not ranking well and you just don’t understand why then keep reading below for the most common reasons.

1. Your Content is Too Sales-y

What does this mean when your content is too sales-y? It means that you are obviously only trying to make a sales pitch to your audience. What consumers want is to feel like they are heard and understood when it comes to their issues. Now, it does not matter how excellent your product or service is if you do not make consumers feel like you understand their concerns and are only shoving the supposed solution in your face, they will not be enticed.

When making your content, you need to sound trustworthy and reputable. This means that you aren’t only trying to sell your products but that you empathise with your consumers’ concerns and you can help them reach a solution. Try to create engaging content that consumers can relate to and do not go too hard on selling.

2. Your Website Loads Too Slow

All of us will agree that a slow website can be frustrating. In fact, most of the time, when we encounter slow websites, our tendency is to click away and look for an alternative website. So if your website is loading too slow for the liking of consumers, they will want to find another business and could easily go to your competitors.

Make sure to optimise your website to load faster. Remove all unnecessary elements and useless codes to keep the size as little as possible, so that the website can load fast for anyone.

3. You Aren’t Answering the Right Questions

When people go on Google search to look for something, their tendency is to have a question answered. For example, if someone needs to find a nail salon in their area, they may search “what are the best nail salons near me?”

This means that your content needs to answer the right questions. If your business is a Japanese restaurant, try to create content focused on that business. To make it even better, you can even make the content more local by including your specific location.

4. You Are Targeting the Wrong Keywords

For some industries, finding the right keywords to use can be very easy. However, there are those industries wherein it is difficult to find a keyword that is not too oversaturated, but is still common or to find a keyword that is not too specific.

The best way to ensure that you are using the right keywords is to work with experts. Professionals can do the research and analyse trends for you to ensure that you are targeting the right keywords.


Improving the ranking of your website on Google is hard work. It is always helpful to seek the help of experts, but even if you do so, you will still need to put in the effort. Finding out what keywords you should use, engaging with your consumers on social media, creating content that answers their questions and building a website that loads fast will help you get the results you want.

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Reem Kubba