3 Tips for Successful E-Commerce Link Building

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The advancements in technology have undoubtedly made life easier for every sector of society and even more so for the e-commerce industry. Unlike back in the day where businesses have to throw a significant amount of money just to gain more brand recognition, they can do so now without sacrificing much of their resources. There is now a strategy called link building, which involves getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own, resulting in higher rankings in search engines.

However, although online shopping has dramatically risen over the past year, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! Getting ahead of the competition via link building is easier said than done, especially when marketing your business in the digital space.

No good thing comes without its own set of challenges. In this case, your biggest obstacle to reaching success is the lack of web traffic. So, how do you deal with it?

Bridging the Gap to Success With SEO

When it comes to boosting online visibility and driving web traffic, SEO is crucial. As one of the most important pillars of your e-commerce business, it’s essential to figure out how to make the most out of it. 

Some people think that simply inserting keywords is enough to rank high on search results pages, but they’re mistaken! SEO is much more than what you think—if you want to gain SEO success, you have to use every tactic or strategy that can benefit your business.

In discussing the best SEO tactics, you can’t forget about link building!

The Secret to E-Commerce Success

Link building contributes to most of your SEO success, but unfortunately, it’s as complicated as it sounds. Any SEO expert would agree that it is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO—not everyone can develop the right content strategies and outreach techniques to build quality links.

However, although link building is no easy feat, you can be sure that the results of investing in it will be rewarding! 

With successful link building, your target audience and search engines will view your site as a credible resource. As a result, you can rank high on search results, and your e-commerce site will have more opportunities to generate revenue and sales.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that link building leads to real success!

Link building can lead to more sales and return customers, but only if you know which tactics to apply. Read through below to find out the best link building tactics to help your e-commerce business!

Do you know how your website stands in terms of link quality and link volume? Make sure to have an SEO agency do a link audit first before anything else!

It’s essential to figure out where you’re starting out. Even without previous link building efforts, you may already have earned links organically, which could come from product links, previous news coverage, positive customer reviews, and more.

Connect With Journalists and Bloggers

When it comes to link building, you can’t forget about media relations. With PR and media relations, you can gain links and eventually drive traffic to your site. Watch out for industry trends and opportunities so that you’re always ready to offer expertise or unique perspectives for pieces a journalist is working on.

Create High-Quality Content

Well-written content will get you far! With high-quality content, you can generate links to your website and increase traffic. An in-depth article can result in organic links, but you can also send your article to websites that link to you.


Gain online success by practising the best link building strategies! Although link building is easier said than done, you can still achieve your goals and objectives as long as you work with a reputable SEO agency that knows how to help you strengthen your online presence and more.

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer