6 Incredible Content Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Giveaway

Everyone is expected to go all out during the holidays, whether it’s with the decorations of your residence or the food when Christmas Eve comes. That spirit shouldn’t only be reserved for your personal life, as exhuming some of that vital energy into your business efforts can boost the company and make the most out of this merry time.

When it comes to your content marketing, you’d be glad to know that the holidays can have quite an effect. Even SEO and algorithms get pretty seasonal, so it’s vital to execute some content marketing ideas in order to make the most out of them.

Connect with a trusted marketing agency to bring several incredible content marketing ideas to life, such as:

1) Plan and Brainstorm

Content marketing can be a little stressful, but having professionals onboard will allow you to curate a holiday plan that will appeal to your audience these months. Concoct topics and when you’re hoping to publish them.

While brainstorming is going on, it’d be wise to plan the timeline for each piece of content that’s going to come out. Especially for media such as photos and videos, getting ahead and knowing a deadline can be beneficial for all parties involved during production.

2) Go on Social Media

Content marketing on social media is a breeze, especially with an existing follower base and user-friendly features. Being able to share something with your customers with a click on your phone can make the holiday stresses a little simpler.

Just remember not to get too comfortable and laidback, as advertising should still be on top of mind. If you have any sales for Boxing Day or the End of Year period, be sure to set a holiday event and share it all around. Spreading awareness will be ideal for your brand.

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3) Holiday-Themed Giveaways

As Christmas approaches, everyone is encouraged to send out gifts and prizes. Creating a giveaway that’s all about the holiday will be a much-appreciated gesture, so be sure to spoil your clientele and employees a little bit. There are also some ways you can provide a sweet present while on a budget through holiday gift cards and more.

4) Clientele Engagement

Customers will enjoy it if they feel like they have a say in your bustling business and the content that’s coming out. Create polls and get their input about what they want to see this holiday season. Seeking that feedback allows you to easily attain information while keeping clients satisfied.

5) Holiday-Themed Tips

Circling back to content, consider providing tips on how to get through the season while relating it to your business. For example, if you have a food business and website, writing about different holiday recipes would be ideal. When your company focuses on selling a certain product, highlight the benefits and why it would be the perfect Christmas gift.

6) Festive Site Branding

Lastly, consider getting some festive branding for your site. Sprinkling in some of that classic holiday red and green makes your content more visually appealing. Allow some of that holiday cheer to leak onto your business’s other platforms such as social media profiles, online listings, and the like to keep things consistent.


Executing these content marketing ideas during this holiday season can prove to be pretty fruitful for your brand. Just remember to seek out a marketing professional who would be able to guide you throughout the way to keep the festive season a little bearable.

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer