5 Clever Ways to Use Content Marketing to Boost Conversion Rates

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Content marketing is the use of content to market your product or service to your desired audience. The desired outcome of content marketing is getting a visitor to your website to do something, which marketers and businesses call “conversion.” A conversion can be getting a visitor’s name and email, or it can be selling your product or service. This is an excellent indicator of how well your business is doing. To increase your conversion rate, you need to optimize your content. Here are five ways how.

1. Identify Where Conversions Have or Have Not Happened

The first step to optimizing your content is to identify where conversions have happened and where they have not. The next step is trying to figure out why it did or didn’t happen. Is it because consumers do not find your content useful enough? Is it because they can’t find the information about your product or service that they’re looking for? Is it because they’re not ready to buy? Is it because you fell short on your promise? Looking at these shortcomings will help you figure out which things work and which aspects of your content strategy need improvement.

2. Make Your Content Easy to Read, Understand, and Use

This may sound contradictory to what most marketers out there tell you. They will say the more technical your content is, the better. This is not the case. It is always better to write for non-technical people. Why? Because you’re talking to human beings. If you’re a reader, you’re reading this article because it is easy to read, isn’t it? You don’t want to read a lot of jargon, weird terms, and complex sentences. Your content should be clear, to the point, and easy to digest.

3. Ask Your Audience What They Want

This is one of the best ways to improve your content. You have to know what your customers want. If they want to know more about your product or service, then you have to give them the information. This is the best way to improve conversion rates. If you hold back information, then you’re not giving your audience what they want. They may not like what you’re offering, and this will lead them to look for other options.

4. Leverage Social Media Platforms

With all the social media platforms available online, you can easily get in front of your audience. You can use social media platforms as a trial marketing platform. If you find out that they’re not interested in your content, then you can easily stop it. If their interest is generated, then you can keep doing it. There are a lot of social media platforms that you can use to promote your business, but there are only a few that can really boost your conversion. 

For example, you can use Facebook and Instagram ads. They have a lot of benefits. You know what your target audience is, and you’re able to talk directly to them. With all the information and data available online, you can easily get in front of your audience better than any other way.

5. Create Urgency

Creating urgency can instantly boost your conversion. It can be as simple as showing “limited availability” or “while stock lasts.” The idea is to give the audience a positive reason to act fast. It works like a charm because we don’t want to miss out on things that are limited. Think about how people buy things from shopping sites such as Amazon. When Amazon says “limited quantity available,” people quickly add it to their cart. It’s the same thing when you show a limited availability on your website.


There you have it, five ways that you can improve your conversion rate. It can be as easy as adding a limited availability. All you have to do is add it to your website. All these things are relatively easy to do. These simple changes can significantly improve your conversion rate and your business.

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Reem Kubba