Proven SEO Strategies for E-Commerce Stores

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If you are looking to maximise your e-commerce site’s potential, you’re in the right place. Learn proven strategies for e-commerce site optimisation, including tips that will help you increase traffic, sales and leads.

Create Unique & Engaging Product Descriptions

To help shoppers make more informed decisions, it’s important to include product descriptions that are engaging, informative and compelling. Having engaging product descriptions will help position your brand as an expert in your field, which in turn will help boost trust, conversions and sales.

Have Structured Data

Structured data is a code added to a webpage that lets Google, Bing and other search engines know about your product offerings. This helps Google understand your products and/or services, making it easier for your site to appear in search results.

Spend Time in Mobile Optimization

Mobile e-commerce is the new frontier for retailers. With more people deciding to shop from their smartphones, providing high-level experiences on your e-commerce site is important. By optimising your website for mobile, you will see a higher conversion rate, as well as an increased share of your sales for mobile devices.

Increase Site Speed

As you probably know, there is a direct correlation between site speed and conversion rate. With this being the case, it’s essential to ensure your site doesn’t suffer from slow load times. To speed up your site, partner with a web design agency that can help you optimise your design for the best experience.

Add Product Videos

Adding video to your e-commerce site is a great way to increase the level of interaction between your consumers and your products or services. When done right, videos can improve the user experience on your site, boost engagement and ultimately increase sales.

Test & Optimise Your E-Commerce Site

By implementing these proven strategies, you will be able to create a cutting-edge e-commerce site that can improve your bottom line and ultimately improve your corporate revenue.

Incentivise Customer Reviews & Engagement

When you incentivise your customers to engage with your brand, you establish a more powerful relationship between you and your customer. Ultimately, this will improve your conversion rates and lead to more sales.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you’re trying to rank higher on a search engine, using the right long-tail keywords can help you capture a specific audience while doing so in a more cost-effective way.

Ensure You Have Smooth Navigation

To help improve the overall user experience, it’s important to have smooth navigation on your e-commerce site. This will help your site feel more user-friendly and allow shoppers to find their way around your website with ease.

When you implement internal links, you’re helping your users navigate your site more intuitively. When done right, internal links can help improve the user experience, ultimately improving your conversion rates and boosting your sales.

Make Your Ecommerce Site a Success

Building an e-commerce site is more complex than just setting up a page and getting started. If you truly want to make the most of your e-commerce site, you need to optimise it. 

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