Determining Which Strategies Best Help Your SEO Ranking

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Incorporating SEO strategies into your website and web design may help your ranking on search engines like Google. A good SEO ranking on your site would mean that you get to grow organic traffic as more people visit your website and check out your products, becoming a potential customer.

However, SEO techniques should be regarded in black and white. White hat SEO strategies are generally accepted by search engines and naturally improve your website’s current standing. Black hat SEO strategies, on the other hand, might get your website shadowbanned as the algorithm deems it to be deceptive and unhelpful to users trying to search for something.

It’s generally a risk to engage in black hat SEO. We recommend trying out white hat SEO instead. Continue reading to see some comparisons of the different techniques curated for increasing your SEO ranking.

1. Linking

White Hat SEO Strategy: Internal Link Structure

Having an internal link structure embedded in your site can make navigating a website much easier. Everything is much more organised as users can easily go through different pages to find the help they require and click a product without worrying about a faux listing.

Black Hat SEO Strategy: Link Selling

When potential customers find something on your site that they like and click the link for it, the listing is often much different than what they initially pressed. Google classifies this as deception when reported, which can put a site in danger. 

2. Content Variety

White Hat SEO Strategy: Various Content

When you create a page on your website, you incorporate great content with different media types. It’s good to have a variety of images, videos and text that can exude what a business is about and how a customer can explore that, especially when it loads quickly.

Black Hat SEO Strategy: Hidden Content

It’s not completely a black hat trick, as it can, in some instances, help your website from looking a little bit too cluttered. It can do more bad than good to your SEO ranking because it goes against Google’s guidelines. Site visitors won’t find any use for the hidden text either because they can’t read it. 

3. Quality of Content

White Hat SEO Strategy: Original Written Work

When there’s freshly written text that’s original and unique, Google can really boost your SEO ranking when a user starts searching for it. It also serves as an avenue for backlinking, which can increase your organic website traffic.

Black Hat SEO Strategy: Article Spinning

Although you may get a couple of clicks from ripping off an article and tweaking a few words just before posting, it still manipulates the search engine and can still generate consequences for your writing. It’s also a little outdated and not immediately as effective anymore. 

4. Keywords

White Hat SEO Strategy: Relevant Keywords

The core of SEO is to research what keywords people are searching for and incorporate them into a website’s content. Google properly rewards appropriate use of the keywords and helps users satisfy their curiosity in finding information.

Black Hat SEO Strategy: Keyword Stuffing

Some people think that the more times a keyword appears or is added, whether it’s relevant or not, will increase its Google ranking. It can frankly do the opposite, though, as Google can recognise when a website is being unhelpful on spamming for clicks. 


The best strategies that can help your SEO ranking are white hat SEO techniques. Your site won’t be shadowbanned, and you get to have organic growth with your clicks and visibility, which will always be a huge plus. 

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer