Face-Off: In-House Marketing Team vs Holistic Agency

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Building your business in the digital era can be challenging. It requires time, effort, and help from digital marketing experts. Working with a marketing team can help your business build brand awareness, boost engagement, increase sales conversion and improve customer loyalty. However, you may find yourself in a dilemma wondering whether you should hire a holistic marketing agency or take your marketing tasks in-house. 

The choice you need to make if you want to work with an in-house marketing or an agency is influenced by several variables. That can include your existing strengths, short and long-term objectives, product offerings, and resource availability. 

To help you decide whether to hire an agency or build an in-house team, here are a few benefits both options can offer:

Advantages of Working with an In-House Marketing Team

Consistent Costs Despite One-Off Projects

Hiring an in-house marketing team is generally more expensive than working with an agency, but there are some specific circumstances where bringing your marketing tasks in-house may be more beneficial. 

The costs of an in-house team are consistent. Since you’re paying a full-time wage for each team member, you know how much you’ll be spending each month. Depending on their expertise and the localized industry average, you can negotiate salary with a possible employee.

Many business owners hesitate to hire in-house marketing teams because the salaries, benefits, and other expenses can add up. If you have a lot of specialized marketing tasks and one-off projects, however, an in-house team may be a good idea. Since they are full-time employees, you can expect all their time and attention to be dedicated to you. That said, you need to note that there are indirect expenses you might encounter in hiring an organic team member. A lack of specific training and skills can require you to spend on additional training. 

Deeper Brand Knowledge

What makes an organic and in house marketing team beneficial for your business is the adequate brand knowledge they possess. They regularly interact with colleagues across departments and existing customers, so they can rapidly identify pain areas in your sales funnel. They will have a precise idea of which systems work and which methods don’t. 

Having a team in the same location as you will make collaboration easier. Since they are equipped with the proper brand knowledge, make fast choices for your business in a quick way. If your team is in the office, you won’t have to worry about messages being lost in translation. If you need anything done, you can just go over to your marketing manager’s desk and discuss it right away. 

Advantages of Working with a Holistic Marketing Agency

Affordable Services and Predictable ROI

A holistic marketing agency can assist you in finding, inspiring, and collaborating with individuals who believe in your cause and help you realize your objectives. Working with an agency can help reinforce your marketing foundation by adding or re-focusing your vision with a comprehensive approach without spending too much on trial activities. Since you are only paying for their services and they won’t be full-time employees, you also don’t have to worry about paying for a comprehensive compensation package, resulting in a significantly lower monthly cost.

Once you’ve identified your marketing requirements and desired outcome, a marketing agency will then bid for the needed services. They can also provide you with a performance schedule to know when you can expect a return on your expenses. The amount you spend here is decided by how fast you want to raise awareness, engage with your target audience, and develop your business. Knowing beforehand the number of promotional expenses you have to shell out will save you from any unpredicted cost that can hurt your overall budget roll. 

Greater Marketing Expertise

While making sales on your eCommerce site is crucial, establishing a brand requires a team of professionals. Collaborating with a seasoned marketing agency will help your business provide an experience that will motivate your consumers to become your brand advocates. A marketing agency can also help reach your target audience where they are. As new technologies develop, a marketing agency that works with a diverse clientele can offer you extra advantages by keeping you up to date on the most recent trends, changes, and possibilities.

High Scalability

Growth is the primary objective of most businesses, and by taking a comprehensive approach, you will be able to plan with more foresight. With its networks and connections with marketing professionals and other agencies, a holistic marketing agency allows you to swiftly pivot to meet your increased pace of development. Furthermore, an integrated relationship with an experienced marketing specialist can give you an in-depth analysis of your business fares against competitors. You will also know the reception of your desired audience. It will assist you in preparing for promotional development and possible expansion on your product line or business outlets. 

Final Thoughts

A holistic marketing agency and an in house marketing team have both strengths and weaknesses. An in-house marketer may oversee your overall marketing plan and initiatives that make more sense to be handled inside your core team. On the other hand, a holistic marketing agency can offer you all of the skills you need without employing several people. It can also provide a complete marketing plan that will help your business stand out against the competition. They can also offer professional guidance on all possible marketing aspects. 

If you are still unsure whether in-house or agency marketing is the best for you, consider that both can make a difference in your brand. The decision will boil down to what your business requires and the skill sets you need to effectively meet business objectives.

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer