4 Best Practices For Optimising Google Business Profiles


The primary goal of optimisation is to help company websites rank on search engines. Through the effective use of keywords, content created online can reach more people—promoting visibility and recognition for brands. It can also help attract potential customers to invest in the business, turning leads into conversions.

But aside from SEO, Google has also created Google Business to support websites meant to inform and persuade users to support a business. However, unlike SEO, there are more things companies can do with it to further improve how they serve their customers online. But what should they do to make the business successful? Here are some ideas.

1. Complete the Information Listed

One of the easiest ways to improve the Google Business listing is to ensure everything is listed. A business listing mainly consists of basic information about the business—its name, address, phone number, business category, and website.

SEO comes in handy in this situation—giving businesses the chance to rank higher in search results. But if SEO wants to improve the business, listing it in Google Business is a way to make it visible at the bottom of the page. It’s also essential to include the information on their business page. Though not the same, Google Business can cover SEO issues when SEO fails to provide results.

2. Add Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in SEO. It’s what Google uses to determine the relevance of a particular site. But SEO is not the only type of marketing that uses keywords. Google Business does, too.

Google will pull keywords from the business page and, most likely, the website itself. But that doesn’t mean the company should stop there. They should still list other keywords related to the business or its service.

Include relevant keywords in the description, and ensure the business’s title includes the keyword or two. Some keywords might be enough to rank on the first page of Google—even without optimising the content.

3. Maintain Accurate Information

Next, it’s essential to keep the business information updated. Any time the business changes, such as the phone number or address, it should be reflected in Google Business. It’s not only about giving the correct information to users but also about keeping the listing accurate.

Companies should also aim to provide accurate information about the business. Though it’s not a big issue as long as the information is updated in time, it’s still important to avoid misinformation.

4. Update Content Regularly

Another way to improve the Google Business listing is to ensure that the content is updated. Companies should post regularly, especially if the business is a blog or a website. But it’s not just about the frequency of posting. It’s also about the quality of the content. It’s not enough to just post a blog. It’s also a good practice to proofread and edit the content before posting. It’s also a good idea to have an appropriate and easy-to-understand title emphasising the essential keyword; including images that match the text, and a description is also a good idea.


Google Business has been around for a while now. And as it gets more feedback from users, it will improve over time. However, Google also gives companies the chance to improve the performance of the business listing through their website.

As long as companies are committed to optimising the listing, they can create an excellent experience for both customers and businesses. Google will also reward those who are committed to improving the business. It’s not just an opportunity to get more traffic but also to rank higher on SERPs.

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Reem Kubba