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SEO Friendly Web Design | Five Points Check List

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SEO Friendly Web Design– Five Points Check List

SEO friendly Web Design means designing a website to satisfy the top of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines as well as providing a great User Experience  (UX) for web searchers and customers. It is the process of designing and developing a website it  to make it search-engine friendly. Making a  website SEO-friendly means that Google and other search engines such as bing and yahoo can crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpret the content and understand what each web page is about, and index it in their database.  

1- Website Speed is Essential for SEO Friendly Web Design

One of the most important Google’s guidelines is website speed, the website needs to load within 3 seconds.  You can test the speed of your website if you are concerned about it by checking  PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers. The best website speed is being in the Green Zone of the Google PageSpeed Insights for both Desktop and Mobile versions. We highly recommend speaking to our SEO expert in Perth (aka The SEO Whisperer / Reem) to guide you on how to best optimise your website speed. 


2- Mobile-Friendliness is vital for SEO Friendly Web Design

Another important feature of SEO friendly web Design is Mobile Friendliness.  You can check how your website is performing on mobile by checking it on your mobile device making sure that the size is correct for mobile.  Also, check that the text is easy to read (no shaking or squinting), the web pages can be easily navigated through.  The Call To Action Buttons should be sized right to be tapped by a finger easily.  The web design should also have a nice look to it on the mobile version (easy on the eye!)

3- Clean URLs

Another important guideline for SEO Friendly Web Design is having  clean URLs with no random characters.  The URL of website pages should reflect what each page is about.  So if you are designing a page on a website about SEO Friendly Web Design then your URL should be www.yourdomainname/seo-friendly-web-design

4- Optimised Page Headings

Optimised Page Headings is an important factor in SEO friendly web design.  It is recommended to use H1 and H2 and so on in a hierarchical way to organise content on your web pages.  Each web page should have only one H1, it could have multiple H2s, H3s, and so on. Using lists and bullet points to organise content on your web pages is also a good idea because it becomes user friendly giving a great user experience.

5- SEO Friendly Images on your Website

Optimising your images is a very important step when trying to achieve and SEO friendly web design.  If you are designing your website on WordPress you can install an SEO Plugin called YOAST that helps you to add Alt Text to your images.  An Alt Text will help Google identify what your image is about, and also help people with vision impairment to identify what the photos are about. Also, making sure that your images are the right size for your website is essential so they do not take a long time to load and slow down your website.  Using original images is also recommended by Google rather than stock images, as original content of any form is always encouraged by Google.  Original photos also give a good user experience and make your website stand out with its own branded photos.  Good quality photos are vital to make your website SEO friendly so it is worth hiring a professional photographer for your website photos.

There are over 200 guidelines on Google’s Webmaster and while you can have a read over them, it is not necessary to have all of them when designing your website.  Starting with the above list would be a great idea and start building up your SEO as you go, like they say “Rome was not built in a day”, so it is the same when it comes to your SEO friendly web design, it will take time and effort when you are trying to achieve Google’s guidelines and provide a great user experience while maintaining your brand and brand voice.
We understand creating an SEO friendly website could be overwhelming that is why we can help you create a website that not only is SEO friendly but reflects your business DNA, Brand, and creates a great Customer Experience that helps you convert leads into loyal customers.  The SEO Room has helped many businesses with creating amazing SEO friendly websites that CONVERT!

SEO Friendly Web Design that is Focused on Your Customer

From the moment your customer searches for your website to the moment they sign up for your service or purchase your product, we optimise every step of the way to secure the sale or lead. Using effective SEO and great UX design based on your customers’ persona, we build websites that convert potential clients into loyal customers.

SEO Friendly Web Design that is Functional and Aesthetic

What’s the point in a sleek looking website if it’s not fast and responsive? With The SEO Room’s website development, you won’t have to choose between the two. We ensure that your website is visually appealing, runs smoothly on all platforms and browsers, and is mobile-friendly; ensuring a frictionless experience for your customers, regardless of how they are viewing your website.

Your satisfaction is our priority


Our website design process is constructed to ensure the website you get is precisely what you need. From your first consultation to every step of the development process, we will take your feedback into account to build a unique approach tailored to your business.

We will consider everything from your product and pricing to your customer profile, to develop a website that works for you. Not only that, but we will also provide you with an unlimited number of revisions, guaranteeing that you get exactly what you want.

We worry about the technicalities so you don’t have to when designing your SEO friendly high-Quality website


During the development process, you don’t have to be hassled by all the intricacies of website design. We won’t bog you down with website technicalities, instead, we will focus on what matters to you, like your business and marketing objectives.

The SEO Room will create a blueprint based on your current business model, in addition to your marketing and financial objectives. We will make sure that all the technical nuances are in line with your business needs, behind the scenes, so your website fulfills all your requirements, completely hassle-free.

Looking for a Great SEO Agency in Perth Contact Us to see how we could help your website’s SEO.


Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer