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Finding the right SEO expert that knows what they’re doing and has proven results is vital to help your business grow and generate more quality leads.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the fuel that drives digital marketing by allowing websites to maximize their search engine visibility. 

At The SEO Room, we are the most trusted SEO Experts in Perth, we have a diverse experience in helping businesses maximize their digital presence and build credibility. 

Our SEO agency is dedicated to equipping small businesses and startups with innovative tools to compete against large companies and bigger rivals. 

A robust digital presence with an SEO-friendly website is the key to build a brand that consumers can trust. In 2021, running ads and unlimited spending are not enough to win over Google’s algorithms. 

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How can an SEO expert help?

 How can hiring an SEO expert in Perth help your business?  An SEO expert could help bring your website pages to the first page of Google Search Results.  It takes an experienced and holistic SEO expert to nail your SEO Strategy.

Our skilled and experienced SEO experts can help you design and implement a dynamic and holistic SEO campaign to achieve these marketing goals:

  • Increase website visibility – by helping you reach the top of Google Search Results, our ultimate goal is to place you on Page 1 of Google organically without paying for Google ads.
  • Build domain authority
  • Cultivate a credible brand image
  • Boost lead generation and conversion
  • Carve out a competitive industry presence

Keep reading our detailed guide to understand the advantages the best SEO Experts in Perth have to offer your website. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of optimising your web pages for both user experience (UX) and Google to ensure your website enjoys maximum visibility and lands on the first page of relevant search queries on search engines like Google. Naturally, the higher your website visibility in search results, the more users your website will attract. In most cases, the first page of search results is dominated by web pages with robust SEO tactics. 

How can a startup or a small business with a limited marketing budget land on the first page of Google? To understand how SEO works, you must understand how Google is capable of providing hundreds of results for a search query. You see, Google deploys a highly sophisticated system of artificial intelligence (AI) powered crawlers and bots. 

These crawlers and bots skim through millions of web pages, searching for similar keywords and gathering information to form an index. The algorithms analyse every single web page to deliver results that are most relevant to the user’s query. This system is highly advanced, neat and sophisticated, driven by a systematic technological infrastructure. 

There are no short-cuts with Good SEO

Marketers who believe they can deploy hacks and short-cuts to win over Google’s sophisticated bots and crawlers without adequate SEO efforts end up losing credibility. In recent years, Google doesn’t hesitate from banning and blocking websites over plagiarism and other offenses. The recent passage ranking algorithm upgrade, rolled out in February 2021, discourages marketers and content creators from relying on keyword stuffing to ensure higher ranking. Google will now be indexing specific passages to address English-language queries, which emphasizes the significance of quality content to benefit users. 

SEO presents businesses and marketers a sustainable and effective strategy to build a solid web presence that enjoys high search ranking. Aside from search engine ranking, off-page and on-page SEO tactics allow a user-friendly and immersive experience. An effective SEO strategy allows businesses to capture attention and attract potential customers to build brand loyalty and sustainable revenues. 

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What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

There are several SEO factors and elements that combine to maximize visibility, improve user-experience and ensure high search ranking. 

These include: 

  • Keyword research
  • Technical upgrades 
  • Website security and data protection
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Content optimization
  • Internal and external linking (link-building)
  • Industry-specific and local SEO (website visibility) 

Our expertise will help improve your website’s architecture, content and user experience to build authority as a competitive and reliable brand. 

Providing users with an immersive, interactive and convenient experience is the best way to turn them into loyal customers. But, how can your website generate customers or readers if your target audience never finds it?

SEO makes your website crawlable for Google’s bots, allowing it to secure a spot on the first page of search results. SEO tactics build relevance, connecting your website to its target audience so you can generate leads and increase sales. The benefits of SEO are far-reaching and instrumental to build a successful digital brand in 2022 and beyond. 

1.  Website Visibility 

SEO makes a website visible on the digital map specific to an industry and niche. It connects your website to a global and local audience with the use of highly targeted and specific keywords. But contrary to what most people think, SEO is a lot more than just keywords.

Google observes every user interaction with your website, and its bots and crawlers don’t index pages with technical issues, security threats, viruses, or slow loading speed. The technical performance, speed and overall experience of your website has a detrimental impact on its visibility, which is why SEO offers a comprehensive solution to build a solid web presence. 


2.  Building Authority 

Did you know that Google always ranks websites that enjoy authority and popularity on its first page of search results? That’s a no-brainer, at the SEO Room, we help our clients in building authority as a website and as a brand. 

SEO strategies of link building, both internal and external, allow a brand to establish their website as a reliable, trusted and verified authority. The idea is to build authority in niches relevant to your business, such as fashion, oil and energy, real estate or travel. Consumers will trust you and invest in your brand when they regard you as an authority in an industry sector, or local neighbourhood. 

SEO link building strategies allow businesses to build authority by acquiring external links from popular and authoritative websites. These external links serve as an indication to Google’s bots and crawlers that your website enjoys authority across the industry. As the most experienced SEO Experts in Perth, we have an extensive and lucrative digital PR network that allows our clients to secure high quality backlinks and build domain authority.  


3.  Enhancing User Experience

A website isn’t designed and maintained solely for the purpose of pleasing Google and its lifeless bots and crawlers. No, a website is designed to hook, engage and serve the consumers of a brand, and humans demand engaging, interactive and entertaining experiences. 

In recent years, keyword stuffing has emerged as a popular tactic, which we will discuss shortly, and it discourages users from spending time on a website. Consumers demand intelligent, convenient and enjoyable website experiences, and an SEO-friendly website offers exactly what they need! 

An immersive user experience is the key to converting leads, increasing sales and ensuring profitability. SEO Is the key to building a successful and popular ecommerce brand. 

Important SEO Factors

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There are several SEO factors and elements that combine to maximize visibility, improve user-experience and ensure high search ranking. 

These include: 

  • Keyword research
  • Technical upgrades 
  • Website security and data protection
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Content optimisation
  • Internal and external linking (link-building)
  • Industry-specific and local SEO (website visibility) 

Our expertise will help improve your website’s architecture, content and user experience to build authority as a competitive and reliable brand. 

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Keyword Research

We just discussed how SEO helps build a solid website presence with increased search visibility and relevance to the target consumer audience. But how does it happen? It’s simple: keyword research. 

Keyword research is a lengthy, time-consuming and demanding process that requires effort and consistency. This is primarily why you need the expertise and dedication The SEO Room connects your website to your target consumers. 

When consumers make search queries, Google provides them results within nanoseconds. These results come from a regularly updated and meticulously prepared index of highly relevant search results. Google’s bots and crawlers index websites that are most relevant to search queries and terms. This relevance stems from keywords. 


The Perils of Keyword stuffing

While we’re talking about keyword research, we must also discuss keyword stuffing. It’s a practice that will discourage both Google’s bots and crawlers, and your users from visiting and ranking your website. It’s ineffective and will damage the credibility of your brand. 


User-Generated Search Queries 

Incorporating user-generated search keywords into your content will improve the ranking, visibility and crawlability of that web page, allowing more and more users to visit your website. What purpose does a well-written blog serve when your users can’t find it in search results?

Keywords serve as a bridge between your website and its target audience, and once users cross that bridge, they come closer to converting into paying customers, or loyal readers. Incorporating keywords into blogs, website content, copywriting strategies and all other marketing endeavours will connect your content with its target audience. 

Featured Snippets

How can your website claim the coveted snippet of Google’s featured questions? It’s simple: by answering exact user-generated search questions and queries in your content. Our creative SEO experts can improve your website with a masterful keyword optimisation strategy to secure top spots in search results across all search engines. 


At the SEO Room, we firmly believe that tactfulness is of the essence in designing and executing an SEO strategy! 


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Competitor Analysis

How can my website ensure higher rankings than my competitors and rivals?

One of the most important elements into constructing your SEO Strategy is doing a thorough competitor analysis. Finding out what competitors are doing for their website SEO, helps us identify gaps and opportunities for your SEO strategy.  It also helps us understand which SEO goals to pursue now (short term) and which ones to pursue later (for mid to long term). 


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Competitor Analysis Benefits

Our SEO experts deploy a multitude of digital tools and innovative software to compile analytical data and insights into the success and failures of a competitors website. These insights and analytical data is then used to design a competitive strategy that rivals the competitors’ best practices, and exploits their weaknesses to improve and increase rankings. 

Competitor’s analysis is a leading SEO tactic to build a competitive website that ranks higher and enjoys more visibility and authority than its competitors. In 2022, all businesses, ecommerce websites or service-oriented companies, have tens and hundreds of local and global competitors. Naturally, these competitors are targeting the same keywords and target audience as your brand. So, what can you do to stand out and stay ahead of the game? 

Having a competitive advantage allows a brand to highlight its unique selling points, and fill the gaps created by its competitors and rival brands. As the savviest SEO Experts in Perth, our goal is to make your unique selling points stand out to capture attention, and carve out a competitive industry presence. We have helped numerous businesses in the service based and ecommerce space rank on the first page of Google Search results which resulted in increased website traffic, sales, and conversions.

Technical SEO Factors

Technical SEO is an important factor of your Holistic SEO Strategy, as it sets the foundation for your website health.

How long does a web page take to open up on your website? More importantly, does your website function smoothly on smartphones? 

The technical features and performance of a website has an enormous impact on its overall SEO performance. Google does not rank websites that have technical errors, broken links and virus-riddled pages. In fact, Google issues a warning to alert its users to steer clear of all websites and web pages that pose security threats. 

1. Security Measures & Upgrades (Technical SEO)

A security certificate is the most essential feature for any website, be it a publishing site or an ecommerce brand. A security certificate indicates that your website is capable of protecting the personal and confidential information of its users. Websites that require consumers to share their personal and financial information for buying products, and addresses for shipping purposes, experience greater scrutiny. 

The loss of brand image and credibility will be irreversible if your ecommerce website is hacked, and your consumers lose their confidential financial and personal information. Therefore, it is essential to arm your website with efficient cybersecurity protocols and a security certificate.

2. Website Speed (Technical SEO)

Page loading speed is another crucial SEO metric that defines both user experience and ranking performance. Users will quickly become frustrated if your web page takes more than two seconds to open up and reveal all its features. Potential customers will not wait around for the page to open, but rather, they will discard your website in favor of your competitor’s. 

Website Speed can be measure through Google’s Free tool called PageSpeed Insights. Make sure to check both your Desktop & Mobile Speed. This ranking factor is very important as Google’s New Algorithm updates in 2021 have stressed the improtance of page speed. Your website speed should never be in the red zone of Google, the yellow zone is ok, and stiving for the Green zone will not only be good for Google ranking but for user experience as well. 

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On-Page SEO Factors

On-page SEO is the crux of all search engine optimisation strategies specific to your website. It includes keyword research and content optimisation, HTML codes, meta descriptions, and other website improvement tactics. It involves a wide array of tactics and strategies that enhance quality and innovate the user experience to build authority and popularity. 

The underlying purpose of on-page SEO tactics is to boost website ranking, search visibility, and build authority. It also serves the purpose of offering users an attractive preview that encourages them to visit and explore your website. 

Elements of On-Page SEO

The elements of on-page SEO include: 

  • Content creation – SEO Content Marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Title Tag, Meta Description & Image SEO 
  • URL Structuring 
  • Internal link building 

These are just a few tactics to name, as on-page SEO encompasses a wide array of strategies that revolve out boosting website visibility and ensuring a user-friendly experience. These tactics make your website more enjoyable and easier to navigate, encouraging users to explore more pages and interact with all the content available. 

On-page SEO revolves around perfecting all the elements that would annoy consumers and garner the disapproval of Google’s AI-powered bots and crawlers. On-page SEO lies at the heart of maintaining an interactive, impressive and informative website. 

Off-Page SEO Factors

Off-page SEO refers to all the strategies and tactics that serve the purpose of bringing traffic to your website by building authority, and a credible brand reputation. Quality content and crafty creativity will make your website a highly linkable asset. Some popular off-page SEO tactics involve guest blogging, generating high quality back links and social media engagement to bring users to your website and engage with your offerings. 

Businesses rely on off-page SEO campaigns to generate authority and secure high quality backlinks from reputable websites to win over trust from their target audience. How will users find and engage with your website if they are not aware of your presence? Off-page SEO makes all the noise to bring traffic to your website and maximise your visibility in the digital arena. 

Important Off-Page Strategies

Some popular off-page SEO strategies include: 

  • Generating backlinks 
  • Guest blogging
  • Digital PR and collaborations 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Virtual events and collaborations
  • Press releases and promotional campaigns
  • Building domain authority
  • Local SEO tactics 
  • PPC campaigns and social media advertisements

You see, while on-page SEO improves and enhances your website, off-page SEO brings traffic to put your content marketing efforts to good use. 

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Local SEO

Do you run a hair salon in a close-knit suburban neighborhood? Or perhaps, you wish to attract millennial city dwellers to shop at your retail store? 

Driving walk-in traffic to your store is much more difficult than generating and converting leads online. Do you know what’s even more challenging? Building a loyal clientele that trusts and relies on your services. Building a credible, reliable and trustworthy brand with a dynamic community presence requires years of customer satisfaction and dedication. 

But SEO can help businesses achieve this goal within a matter of few months with the help of a consistent and efficient local SEO strategy. Your local consumers will exhaust all means and instruments available to them to research and verify your credentials. Searchers and potential customers will examine your website, social media presence, and read through the positive and negative reviews of your existing customers. 

Having an active and robust local presence is instrumental to build trust and encourage clients to connect with your brand. Where do consumers find local businesses, eateries, services and professionals? That’s easy, on Google! 46% of consumers rely on Google to connect with local businesses and find reliable service providers. 

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is the leading SEO tool to build a credible, visible and competent local presence, and get recognized as an industry expert. Consumers will visit your GMB profile to find your address, contact information, website details, and imagery of your physical business location.

Many business owners don’t pay much attention while creating their GMB profiles, which does more harm than good. In the digital arena, aesthetics and impressions matter more than anything, and if the audience doesn’t like what they see, they will move forward and connect with your competitors. At the SEO Room, we can help you capture clients with an exceptional first impression and a reliable brand image. 

An immersive and interactive Google My Business profile entices and welcomes local customers and visitors to your location, encouraging them with helpful information, directions to the easiest route, and high-definition imagery. Our SEO consultants can help create the perfect GMB profile to win over your target audience. 

But hey, GMB isn’t the only tactic to create a robust and dynamic local SEO campaign. Again, keywords take precedence over all else. Incorporating local keywords referring to nearby landmarks, neighborhoods, city/town or area names, and other specifics is an essential strategy to connect with local clients and customers. Local keywords connect your website and digital presence with the areas and communities that your business serves.

Content Marketing for SEO

At the SEO Room, we firmly believe that Content is KING! But, what does this phrase mean exactly? When we say content is king, we refer to the quality, the visual presentation and the overall engagement of the content. 

Content quality is defined by the following metrics:

  • Informative insights
  • Entertaining elements
  • Interactive and conversational 
  • Readability 
  • Coherence and digestibility 
  • Visual appearance and presentation
  • Industry-relevant terminologies and jargon
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Content is the entire KINGDOM!

Truth be told, content isn’t just king, it is in fact, the entire kingdom. Content Marketing is the vehicle that drives all the digital marketing campaigns on websites, social media and elsewhere. Contrary to what most believe, content doesn’t just refer to blogs and articles, it refers to all mediums of content, including videos, images, podcasts, panel discussions, social media posts, and others. 

All content has to be optimized for keywords and search engines. Did you know that a website must be optimized with video SEO, image SEO, and specific keywords to connect all content mediums to the target audience? 

SEO is wide-ranging and multidimensional, and it applies to content of all mediums, sizes and forms. Content creation is an arena that allows brands to carve out a distinctive and unique voice, and engage their audiences with creative strategies. We are specialized content marketing experts and we help businesses connect with their audiences using creative and crafty strategies. 

When it comes to content marketing, quality is everything. In 2021, consumers are spoilt for choice, and they stubbornly refuse to settle for mediocre content. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs, for it is an easy route to getting your website banned by Google.

Do you know what’s even worse? Curating run-of-the-mill content and expecting your audience to be impressed. Like we said, modern-day consumers are spoiled for variety, whether they seek information, entertainment or inspiration. You must focus on carving out a unique, interactive and immersive voice that encourages your audience to engage with and enjoy your content. 

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SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of branding and storytelling, and it is a dynamic medium used by sellers for decades, long before the digital world came into existence. Copywriting refers to content written specifically for the purpose of selling products, services, lifestyles, desires, inspirations and behaviours. That’s right! 

We firmly believe that copywriting allows brands to cultivate a competitive image, and make sure their brand offerings stand out and command attention. It’s natural for your target audience of consumers to interact with your content before buying your products. But how can they engage with your content if they never come across it on search engines or social media? 


This is where SEO copywriting steps in to connect your promotional campaigns and advertisements with your target audience? SEO copywriting is the art of curating highly targeted web pages that are relevant for your audience. 

Web pages that are optimized to industry-specific and niche-focused keywords, alongside local SEO keywords and tactics, ranks higher in search results. SEO copywriting will make your web content more efficient, enhancing the user experience by answering their queries with the information they seek. 

SEO copywriting serves the following purposes: 

  • Increasing website visibility
  • Increasing search engine ranking
  • Building website authority
  • Building relevance
  • Connecting web pages with user-generated queries
  • Optimizing user experience with audience-specific content 

An SEO optimized website content makes your website more crawlable, increasing your search engine ranking and maximizing your website visibility. Naturally, your consumers will recognize you as a leading brand when your website emerges on the first page of search results. 

SEO copywriting is instrumental to cultivating a dynamic and robust brand image that is competitive, and credible. Website content serves little purpose when it doesn’t connect your website with a specific audience. 

All businesses require a unique SEO copywriting strategy, and our experienced SEO specialists have served a diverse array of businesses and companies with efficient SEO solutions. As the leading SEO experts in Perth, we can help you curate website content that speaks directly to your audience, connecting them to your website with an authoritative and credible digital presence. 

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Our SEO Experts in Perth Use A Holistic SEO Approach

At The SEO Room we use a holistic approach where we learn about the business first … it’s vision, objectives and goals, purpose – we make a meaningful connection with the business owner to really comprehend what they are trying to achieve and how to best help them shine online through SEO.

We do:

  • An internal business analysis
  • A market analysis and website audit
  • Keyword research & Search Intent Research – figure out where the gap is in the market and on your website.
  • Develop a customised holistic SEO strategy for the business
  • Implement the plan focusing on technical SEO, on page and off page SEO

We do not use a cookie cutter approach. We approach SEO from a marketing mind not a technical mind and that’s why you get a different result with us because what we do is aligned with your business vision, purpose and goals. it is not focused on applying techniques randomly for the sake of ticking off SEO best practices boxes. We go way beyond that.

SEO is the key to dominating Google Searches

Building an SEO-friendly website and a robust digital presence may seem like an unachievable goal, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right SEO support, technical expertise and guidance, your website will claim the top spot on Google’s search results in no time. 

At the SEO Room, we always stress the fact that SEO is an on-going effort that requires consistency and continuous creativity. Content quality, keyword research, technical upgrades, security features, loading speed, navigation and user-experience all combine to create a website that is popular, authoritative and trustworthy. 


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When a user starts enjoying your website, and spends more time interacting with your content, listening to podcasts and reading your blog, Google quickly picks up this activity, recognizing it as a positive user experience. This allows your website to build authority and popularity, increasing its significance as a quality resource, worthy of citation. 

As the most trusted SEO agency in Perth, we are dedicated to helping your business grow its online traffic, and boost your lead generation and conversion efforts tremendously.  

It all comes down to creating a holistic SEO strategy that highlights the unique serving propositions of your brand, aligning it with your vision and goals.  

The SEO Room’s talented SEO experts in Perth are your ideal growth partner, give us a call today for your 20 mins FREE SEO STRATEGY Session. 

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