3 SEO Trends to Observe in 2022


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends continue to evolve like the world of technology changes around us. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t find out something new or learn a new concept in the field of search engine optimisation. 

Indeed, it’s an exciting time to be in SEO, even if it can be challenging. The year 2022 will see many changes and advancements in the field. Many things are yet to happen, and you can bet they will happen in the next eight years. On that note, here are some 2022 trends you should watch out for:

1. More Focus on Mobile Experience

The number of mobile devices out there is increasing, and web traffic from mobile devices is the number one priority for search engine optimisation. 

Mobile optimisation will become stricter as more people use mobile devices to browse the web. Google understands that mobile users are looking for the same things they do on desktops, but they are doing it in a different way. Google will continue to evaluate websites based on how they look on mobile devices and keep up with the mobile trends.

Snippets are a lot more useful than they used to be. Before, their function was to tell searchers what the page was about. This will continue to be more useful in the future. 

What’s more is that they will become easier to find. Currently, they are spread out on the page, and you have to click on the blue links to find them. Google is improving their snippets to make them easier to find and incorporate more rich features to them.

In fact, Google has added the Passage Ranking Update tied with Google BERT, a deep-learning algorithm that helps search engines process words better. 

As a result, Google can now index individual passages from a particular page, known as featured snippets.

3. Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

The success of a page experience will become a heavier ranking factor in the future. Therefore, the goal is to make sure that the content on the page is relevant to the keywords it is targeting.

This will determine if the page is relevant to the searcher and Google. If the page is low-quality, then it will get a low rank. It is also possible that Google will consider more than one page if it keeps a searcher on the homepage for a few seconds.

A Better SEO Strategy

As you can see, SEO has already changed a lot over the past few years. In the next five years, Google will likely continue to change the way it works and how SEO works with it. The most significant changes are in the field of mobile search and the way that Google ranks pages. People will continue to access the web from mobile devices, and new SEO trends must be taken into account. To keep up with the evolution of SEO, you’ll want to continue your SEO know-how and find someone you can trust for SEO advice and implementation.

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Reem Kubba