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8 Web Design Guidelines to Apply to Your Landing Pages


Nowadays, businesses need to have a website because it helps in marketing. If a website is poor in quality, resources that went into its creation are simply wasted. One of the most effective ways to reel prospective customers in is by creating landing pages.

A landing page is a page that is created to capture leads, promote a product or a service, or promote a specific action. Landing pages come in different kinds for every possible purpose. A landing page for lead generation might be a single page. It can also be a multipage website or a landing page specially created for an offer or a contest.

In this article, we list down some essential things to remember when designing a landing page. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Keep It Simple

The best landing pages have one purpose: to convey a message. It may be an offer, a contest, an action, or whatever the case may be. Whatever the case may be, the only thing that needs to be understood is the landing page’s message. If the message isn’t clear, visitors will leave without taking any action or understanding your business.

#2 – Consider Your Audience

Failure to consider your audience can lead to a loss of visitors. No matter the product, service, or offer, it needs to be relevant to visitors. If you’re aiming to sell a product such as an app, you won’t get many visitors if you post a landing page on blogs. It’s vital to understand that your product, service, or offer can be marketed differently based on its audience.

#3 – Write an Engaging Headline

The headline is the most critical part of a landing page. Most landing page visitors only spend a few seconds on the page. The headline and the picture need to explain your product, service, or offer effectively in that short time. Otherwise, visitors will leave the page.

The key is to write a headline that’s engaging and interesting. You also need to write a specific headline—one that’s able to grab a visitor’s attention.

#4 – Add Unique Visuals

The visuals on a landing page should deliver your message effectively. Visuals are often deciding whether a visitor takes action on a landing page. It’s recommended that you use images that have the feel of an infographic.

#5 – Integrate Responsive Design

With the many different devices being used nowadays, your landing page must be optimised for mobile devices. It’s not enough to just make use of mobile-friendly advertising because you now need to create a landing page that’s specifically optimised for mobile devices.

#6 – Make a Landing Page That’s On-Brand

The look and feel of your landing page needs to match the look and feel of your brand. This doesn’t just mean the colour scheme. It also means the way you present your landing page. For example, you wouldn’t want to use a landing page template if your brand doesn’t have a website template.

Creating a landing page on-brand helps your brand stay consistent across all mediums. This helps in creating a better image and reputation for your business.

#7 – Write Compelling CTAs

The CTA is the button that invites visitors to take action. It’s what allows you to convert visitors into leads. If you don’t create a compelling CTA, your visitors will click away without taking any action, making you lose out on an otherwise profitable business transaction.

#8 – Include Your Contact Information

Your contact information should always be included on your landing page. Don’t rely on a visitor contacting you via a form because it’s not always easy to fill out forms. If a visitor is interested in your product or service, they can always contact you directly, or they can contact you if they have any questions.


Designing a landing page is never an easy task. Most of the time, it’s a hit and miss. You’ll most likely find out that making a landing page that converts is an ongoing process that involves test-and-failure. If you want to make sure that your landing page converts well, you need to make sure that you consider the factors and tips we’ve listed above.

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer