Why Guest Posting Is Vital for Your SEO – Our Guide

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For almost two decades, the concept of effective and powerful SEO has operated hand-in-hand with some of its most prominent approaches, one of which is building backlinks.

Beyond keywords and domain authority, the practice in question is often recognised as one of the most instrumental components of any strategy because of how it can effectively boost a website’s presence. Compared to other approaches, the practice of building backlinks follows a more straightforward system: the more quality links you acquire, the higher search engine algorithms position your website. 

But how do you start acquiring high-quality backlinks to ensure that your pages rank higher in their prospective search results? Although there are many different ways to acquire links from relevant, high-quality websites that will point back to yours, the one approach that has proven to be especially effective at doing this is guest posting. 

Defining the term

Guest posting is a backlink building strategy, where you create high-quality, informative content to be published on a website other than your own. Once the informative piece of guest content is created (hence, the name “guest posting”), a site’s owner will reciprocate one’s efforts by adding a backlink to their website.

When you start practising guest posting, the value of your efforts shows in the form of earning some exposure for your brand to a new audience and a backlink that helps with your domain authority (DA). This particular set of benefits is especially worth capitalising on since today’s search engine algorithms tend to rank websites with a high DA better than others that don’t!

Why should you look into guest posting?

Considering that guest posting can benefit any type of company, it’s best to assume that it’s something worth looking into and building upon for your SEO strategy. Like with any other major decision you make for your business, you’re most likely taking a step back and looking deeper into whether or not such an approach is well worth the effort. 

Well, guest posting is one of the best things you can do for your ranking-related efforts, and here are a few key benefits that prove this point: 

1. It brings in copious amounts of referral traffic every time

When it comes to understanding the full-fledged value of guest posting, the main benefit to watch out for is that it helps generate referral traffic to your site, which goes a long way for long-term performance. 

You see, referral traffic is an important resource for websites today because Google gauges the quality of a website based on its generated referral traffic. Once the algorithm sees a growing volume of the aforementioned type of activity, it will conclude that more people are coming to your website because of the quality you provide. As a result, the algorithm will opt to rank your website much higher than it is currently at since it is focused on prioritising websites that provide value for searchers! 

2. It helps establish the authority of your team or company

On the reader’s side of things, another critical reason any business should look into the practice of guest posting is that it goes a long way towards showing its authority.

Today, searchers use the Internet to form their opinions on a specific business, professional, product, or service, and this habit carries on to perceptions of expertise. When readers see your guest post on another website, they’ll be quick to assume that the only reason you managed to do so is that you’re a cut above the rest in what you do! 


The practice of building backlinks today is often seen as one of the pillars of modern SEO because of how impactful it is. Yet, guest posting helps take its effects up a notch for top-quality results. By taking the time to invest in the strategy and trying your hand at it, you’ll be able to further the performance of your website and reel in even more opportunities and visitors ASAP! 

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Reem Kubba

Marketing Strategist | Web & SEO Whisperer